Finally the trouble maker is here!
{ that's what I call him }
He finally arrived with my grandfather and as soon as he entered the house he came to me and started pinching my hand to make himself believe that his enemy is right in front of him and he is not daydreaming!

I and Mom had prepared food for him, the things he likes, his room was tidy and things were arranged nicely for this tiny boy. He was so happy as well to see the table set specially for him. He was welcomed with prestige.

Later, we had food, he enjoyed eating the cupcakes and puff-pastry pizza I made for him. The bell rang, and my sister joined us along with her husband. Wow! What a day!

At the time of opening his gift (from Me) he was so excited about knowing what's wrapped inside. Everyone was waiting to see his expressions when he opens that. (PS. Just Me and my Mom knew what was inside) Ahh! for his surprise, inside was a Doll's House! :D He was really mad at me, and went towards to balcony to throw it away (lol). (I did this only because I always tease him that I will make you a doll and this thing irritates him a lot, also he hates girls!!!)

After so many chit chats, cups and cups of tea, family gathering, laughter and distribution of gift items sent by the relatives in Pakistan to all of us, it was finally 1 am, everyone was yawning |-O

My sister and her husband left, mom went in the kitchen, elder brother went to his room to sleep, I and my this little younger brother jumped on the bed, fighting for more space to sleep, fighting over the blankets, he grabbed the one he liked, and I was left with the bad one :(, fighting for the pillow, he covered his face with blanket and pretended to sleep, I pinched him and asked to give me some time as well. Then we had nice friendly talks, talking about this and that, here and there.


The best thing was, when I asked him if he missed me there, first he replied "Not much", when I forced him to tell the truth, he said "Sometimes very little, sometimes A Lot!"

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-Fahad Naeem- said...

These little quarrels are loved to be watched, sensed and felt. I always miss them.

Amna Afzaal said...

Yes you are right, i love quarrelling with him, then later fixing it by sharing sweet things.

Anonymous said...

Little brothers can be such a pain at times, but what about big brothers ? BOSSY BOOTS :P

..Amna may Allah (SWT) bless the love you have for junaid and give him a long healthy happy successful life. Ameen SumAmeen.

Amna Afzaal said...

Thanks a lot for the sweet prayers. :)
I agree with the statement about big brothers :D