Inspiration is the fuel for our minds and bodies – although some would say it actually is coffee :) If our inspiration stream dries out, things are slowing down, we don’t know how to start, how to continue and how to finish the tasks we are working on. Our mind gets distracted very fast and we just can not focus on what is needed. Or we are just trying to put the colors, shapes and letters to the right place and just feel that it doesn’t feel the right way.
We always have two choices – to give up, or not to give up and get inspired. I want to share with you the blogs I get inspired from when my inspiration stream feels dried. 

♥Little Pink Strawberries
Here I get everything that can fill up my day, Noor's amazing everyday stories, photos and tutorials are always inspiring. That's the basic thing about a good blog. It must be warm welcoming.

♥Ya Salam Cooking
A food blog by ♥Noor, that holds the easiest, low on budget and delicious recipes. ♥Noor's photography of her foods is enough for convincing me to try her recipes.

♥Knowledge is Power
Umm Hamam's interesting blog, filled with very helpful knowledge information. ♥Umm Hamam's dedication and hard work towards this blog has really inspired me a lot.

An awesome blog by an awesome author. She does it all Photoshop, Craft and Photography. Her creative blog always keeps me engaged!

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