So cute monsters made by me, using some colorful yarns, craft papers, glue and scissors. All I did was wrapped the yarns string around my two fingers, kept on rolling until it is enough the size of a little pom pom, release carefully from the fingers, tie a small string in the middle, cut the loops and your pom pom is all set for some quick expressions. I made eyes, tongues, hair and lips out of colored papers and then glued them on the pom poms. Be as creative as you can be.

Lastly, took photographs and did some quick editing in Photoshop by putting speech bubbles and the texts were suggested by my younger brother ( lol ).

Be happy!

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Noor said...

These are so cute mashAllah I have also wanted to make some of these :).. You should pinterest your stuff to get more people to see it :)

Amna Afzaal said...

good advice sis, thanks for that <3