{ My mom's birthday cake & card. }

{ I enjoyed the doughnuts. }

{ Salad decorated by me for today's lunch. }

{ A good day at the farms. }

{ I intend to complete all my painting work this week. }

{ Loving these & many other cupcake jewelry from Sweet&Co. }

{ Very cute pudding cups from FredFlare. }

{ I a making different tutorials for my blog, stay tuned. :) }

{ I like this decoration piece in my house. }

 { I purchased these rainbow sprinkles this week for only SR.5, great sale! }

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Noor said...

I love them sis and your watercolors are so nice I can not wait to see what you paint and your tutorials.

Amna Afzaal said...

Posted my tutorial, will post the paintings also very soon InshaAllah.

Anonymous said...

yeh kis kaa liya haie?

Muhammad Jahangeer Khan said...

good work

Amna Afzaal said...

for me ;)