My blog got a makeover! It has the entire new look. For me, it looks much neater than before. I always go for light colors. Thanks to this palette maker at ColorLovers for the awesome theme. It has all the colours that look great when mixed together at one place.

I found these great fonts called Fragment Core, Baltimore Typewriter & Jenna Sue at Dafont and I used them in this theme.
The old sidebar girl is missing? Yes, she is! I sent her far away from my blog as I had been posting some religious items in my blog and I did not feel like having her sit there on the top-right corner. :) But yeah, she was a good company though.

You may think that the previous theme looked more colorful and exciting, but changes are always good if they are good!

So maybe next time you will see something more different than the current theme.

Have a good day and a very happy new year 2012!

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Fathima Asad said...

I love your blog.... this color looks awesome... very neat and decent!
Happy new year to you too.

Nicole Henry said...

Good job, that sidebar lady is missing. It still looks great.

Standy said...

i like this layout :D

Amna Afzaal said...

Thanks all for the encouragement... I was hesitated that maybe you all will like it or not :)

Noor said...

I like it a lot more its the best so far mashAllah :)

Amna Afzaal said...

Thanks Noor.