It is the time when I must start living for myself, the strives have ended. I must show myself what is living inside me. My Dreams - to do what I always wanted, to be what I always wanted to be, to be known as what I am! Removing the dust from my childhood memories last night, I find these dreams I had left too far behind, as if I had never dreamed them. Being an architect was my objective, just like my grandfather. My father also wanted to see me as an architect. I have to fulfill my and father's dream. 

     I have survived and faced through this life, had very good and very bad experiences. Now I should stop the experiments and start living the life I always wished for. It is so nice when your family is also there with you to help you accomplish your goals. The same is with me. Alhumdulillah for all that I went through and all that I will go through in future.

     So my mission starts with getting an online International Montessori Diploma from IMC, U.S.A. I am trying for it and will inshaAllah get a positive reply within a week. Then, will travel to my native soil to get trained in AutoCAD and will start my professional life there.

    Now I need the prayers of you all. Pray for my dreams to come true. I want to create my own identity & to give all the happiness to my family and to all those who love me and care about me. 

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Noor said...

mashAllah good for you sis I know you can do it.

You will love this sisters blog then:

Amna Afzaal said...

Thanks you sis, i will give it a look :)

Emma said...

So happy for you and pray that may All your dreams come true :)