{ SHD on the beach. (Edited in PS.) }

{ I made these bunting flags. }

{ My lovely pair of purple shoes got badly covered with sand on the beach. }

{ It was a lovely weather on 1/2/12. }

{ I captured these men stealing water from the water truck at the signal. HeHe :D }

{ Lovely barbecue aroma was in the air. }

{ Sugar cubes look so cute. Don't they? }

{ I love to eat sweetcorn. }

{ I made some colorful cameras using craft sheets. I will stick them on the wall of my room. }

{ I made this quick DIY key-chain calendar. Just took a calendar sheet and cut out those months boxes, punched them and joined together in a key-chain ring. }

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you didn't show me the calender keychain, make one for me.

Sweetheart Diary said...

oops... I forgot, I will make for you.