Friends, do you remember I was talking about my art corner's makeover in this post? This thing kept me real busy and that's why I was not blogging since a couple of days, but still the process is on its course.
This week was so happening! I brought many new stationery and decorative items - I am lovey dovey with them! Well, most of them are thrifted and just a few to name are from here. Shopping is more fun when you have an aim behind the things you are actually looking to buy. I don't shop a lot but only when it comes to my hobby - and you know what it is!
I am thankful to my sweet mom who gave me a special gift this week, something I still didn't had and I felt incomplete without it. If you want to know what it is then stay tuned for my next post where I will display it in a picture.
On the top of this post; you are looking at the piles and piles of mess I mean my craft things. They were floating randomly anywhere around the house, I have put them together to arrange them in categories.

1. I got my paper rolls in their perfect place.
2. My glues, scissors, pens, etc are now sitting in their designated places.
3. My construction sheets (all types) are also neatly set in a box.
4. My educational and professional documents are all arranged in two separate files.
5. I have a good box for my paints.
6. My hardware tools are in their separate place.
7. I have brought a shelf to display my 'recent projects'.
8. I have a temporary place for my ribbons. (any suggestions?)
9. My cables/ USB / chargers are also in a good place.

1. Get the cabinet painted. (don't know where the painter disappears whenever I really need one)
2. Make more boxes for other storage.
3. Set the room finally after the cabinet gets painted. I hope this will not take ages.
4. Cover my old ugly books and arrange them.
5. Find a storage solution for the tiny sequins, beads, stones etc,.
6. My old lamp is painted, make a shade for it. It's shade was badly damaged that's why we threw it. I banged my head in all the shops of the town but all in vain. There was no single shade that is made to fit my lamp's size.
7. Set-up my brother's study table, that also needs a makeover and my brother deserves a bit of my love.
8. Label the storage boxes and containers.

That's all folks!

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Samra said...

You are a sweet inspiration, Amna. Your blog is so cool, loving this post. The colourful pots are great, and that stuffed toy adds more colour!

Rashida shaikh said...

Wow...I like the jumbo colourful containers and happy to see you organized. :-)
Take care. Have fun.

Nana said...

You reminded me to clean my room! Haha, you did a good job on organizing your items!

Noor said...

mashAllah your making great progress I love it all <3

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

i love the colorful compartments for each item! :) so bright they look

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Aloysia Adinda Nareswari said...

hi, Amna! I'm your new follower from Indonesia, and I'm in love with your blog. I'm following this blog, and following SHD Studio too! I like the tutorials in SHD Studio, that's really helpful :) thanks for sharing the tutorials :)

Sweetheart Diary said...

Hi Girls, I am delighted to read your comments on my work. Thanks!

Helena Natanael said...

what a great work, way to go, dear!

Cheers, Helen

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

awesome !

Khushboo said...

Salaam Amna - I'm still keeping an eye on your blog when I do find the time. The rooms looking good, just don't get lazy again. Hahahha !!!