Just thought to let you know what I am busy with this week, as mentioned in my previous post, cleaning the house and setting up my space.
Finally the carpenter is here and he will start the work from tomorrow. He is charging a lot for such little work, but anyways I have to get that old cabinet painted because its color is too odd. I selected this color from the color palette he showed to us.
I got my lamp's shade. It is a new one which my mum had thrifted an year back. It was not fitting because of the small ring but I used a blade to cut off the ring's inner hole. Now it fits well and I will cover it with my own design on it. I really felt proud of myself and so did my mum! :)
I am covering many boxes to use them for storage purpose. Almost done, just a few more to go.
I am facing a great difficulty in typing our school's exam papers. I don't have the CD to install MS Office, my HP Printer's Driver isn't installing too.
The more I try to complete my work on time, the more difficult it gets, some problems comes in between me and my work. And I hate it!

PS: The picture in this post was taken by me this Saturday, when I visited my younger brother's school to pick him early, I was waiting there for him and capturing pictures of the lovely plants in his school. They got a huge beautiful garden in there.

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URVA said...

i wish u luck n da photography is awsum!

Helena Natanael said...

your photograph is great! I think when you pick the yellow color, it will cheer you up and boosts your mood there! hehehe.. have a nice day! :D

Noor said...

I can not wait to see the finished project. You should dl open office its the same as Microsoft buy FREE.

Sweetheart Diary said...

Thanks girls for the sweet advice.
@Helena... I choose this color because it is according to the theme. Yellow was a great idea, I can use that for my younger brother's study area.
@Noor... Love you for naming that software, I downloaded it and it works great! Big thanks!

Aimee Victoria Long said...

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Aimee Victoria Long said...

following you :)