{ The busy yet beautiful week ever. }

This week had been the busiest of all, I will tell you from scratch. It all started from a post from this blog . The picture of this room really inspired me to make a room for my myself where I can arrange all my things according to my taste. Those who don't know, my art things are really messed up, some hidden here and the others hidden there. I want to put them up together like Jen does it all and tells about it in her blog.
Being more organized is one of my goals to achieve this year, and I definitely will! I hate my chart rolls and other cloth materials scattered here and there and beside bookshelves. This bin at IKEA for RS.25 only, is a great idea for storing these large rolls. For other storage solutions, I will use old, unused cartons and boxes and will cover them with my favorite cloth maybe from here or any other store.
Plus, I have got an old, wooden, dark brown rustic cabinet. My mum has given me the permission to get it painted, so I will. The walls of my soon-to-be workplace are simple and they are ready to get a pretty girly look. For this I have got this idea from Lindsay of The Cottage Home. I love the way she covered the wall with those embroidery hoops.
And yeah, I have also got an old lamp which I have to decorate. I am dying to get this all completed.

Wish me luck!

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♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

beautiful pic.

Did you check I tag you in my post Eleven.

Sweetheart Diary said...

Thanks dear, and oops! I didn't check that before. Thanks for the tag, now I will do what I am required to do from you. :)

Rashida shaikh said...

Hey sweety
Wish you good luck and hope you will me more organize now onwards. :-)

Sweetheart Diary said...

Yes I want to be more organized. Thanks a lot dear :)