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I have been through a time when I had bad photo days. Capturing images with my cell-phone, hours of fixing them in Photoshop and still getting dull result but posting them on my blog anyway, this all seemed like a nightmare.
I think that if you are putting a lot of hard work and efforts to your blog then your blog definitely deserves good photos as well. A post without a good photograph is dead in my view, honestly. That's why I bought a good compact digital camera and I am very happy with it (Fujifilm JV260).
I am not a good photographer, neither I was an amateur but after starting this blog I really went into taking good shots. It is good to set our hands at it by taking pictures of little things first, for example I started taking pics of my room, the wall, the cupboard, the drawer and the tea cup, I felt silly of myself and then I deleted all of them. Later I thought to see how one thing looks from different angles, I took many shots at a time and then selected the most attractive and best one. I always take 4 to 5 shots of a particular thing so that later I can decide which one looks the best. If someone takes just one shot and after uploading they say that it went too blurry, or it is so far away, its is not clear at all - I seriously don't want to face that.
My camera is just perfect for me. I take photos and after uploading them I don't feel that they need any editing, I can post them on my blog right away. But I love to apply slight PS Actions. I have just a few actions to name and they are very light and enough for my photos. A big NO for flash pictures in my blog.
Your photography logo or text imprint is a must to apply on all images before posting them. My next post will carry a tutorial to define your own brush in Photoshop. Stay updated.
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Helena Natanael said...

me too! sometimes my photograph is not as good as I expect..