I love my Grandma so much. She is an amazing person and also a very creative woman. She is a great artist as well. Her sketches, diaries, posters and greeting cards are famous in our family.
Recently, my cousin sent me an email with an attachment of my Grandma's latest Typography. There are so many of them but I am sharing just a few for now.
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Noor said...

OH WOW mashAllah that is talent! I see where you get it now. My grandmother is very talented as well but with sewing and stuff like that mashAllah. Hey where have you been I missed you wahh

Nana said...

She is indeed very creative! : D All grandmas possess a special skill hahaha!

Asmaa said...

salam alaikum

MashaAllah artistry certainly runs in the family! Beautiful work and loving your new blog design too.

♫ Sarah ;3 said...

How cute! I loved the ilustrations!

#Kisses ^^
~♥ Diary of a nerd named Sophia ♥~

Sweetheart Diary said...

@Noor... I am here! Just busy dealing with the ups and downs of life... Remember me in your prayers :)

@Nana.... I agree, indeed! :D

@Asmaa... Glad to have you here, thanks a lot!

@Sarah... thanks dear... i am glad you liked them.

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Masha' Allah, very beautiful work.