Repeat X Repeat Y - for all the fresh 200 x 200 patterns
Le Gourmet TV - awesome recipes for awesome food, hop into your kitchen and try them all
Mr. Printables - print out the fun and have a great time with your young ones
Mom Blog Magazine - made for the amazing Mom Bloggers
Omiyage Blogs - interesting blog that has great diy's, pretty craft things reviews and super sweet posts.
Curbly - get inspired, today!
ObeyCrochet - love crochet?, then obey crochet!
The Pretty Blog - sweet love, weddings, inspirations, diy's and all the pretty things on this pretty blog
Nabhan - this great Arab illustrator does all the fabulous conceptional illustration
Spread Salam - duaas, hadiths and all the sweet thoughts and drawings you will enjoy.

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Noor said...

thanks :)

Sweetheart Diary said...

most welcome, dear :)