What are the 'must haves' for celebrating Eid Day? For me, Eid is incomplete without...

Bangles... The more I have the less they are.

Bags... There should be a different one for a different dress.

Jewelry, accessories... A handful will be enough.

A perfect dress... There must be 3 of the best ones (at least).

And finally some gifts... Wish your family, friend and relatives with a nice gift (cost doesn't matter).

So me & my family went shopping in a Bazaar on Chand Raat(night before Eid when the Shawwal moon is sighted). It seemed like entire Jeddah had gathered to enjoy the night and see the fireworks. MashaAllah, we had a great time.

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Asmaa said...

Salam sis,

Beautiful mashAllah thank you for sharing your early morning shopping.

Noor said...

Ahh how cute I have never wore bangles but they are cute. My best friend back home Maha is from Lahore and we lived together for a year :) She always had such nice things..

naj said...

Mashaallah. I've been also living in Jeddah since birth. I am a Filipina Muslim. :)