DYK is a weekly feature posted every Monday and displays my selected 'did you knows' from the internet.  
I own these screenshots taken with my iPod.

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World Holiday Destinations said...

Your blog is pretty awesome, Thanks for sharing this with us.

Steve E said...

Like your blog, and this post--

"Short and sweet
is hard to beat."

About Earth. Dontcha think, as part of the Universe, Earth IS also that Great Spirit?
Just asking! I don't know--anything--grin!

This could lead to 'deep' discussion, so maybe I just say, "Why don't we name a new God, and call HER Earth?"

We could carry it further, and open a couple churches--to start. OUTSIDE services only, sit on the grass, hug the trees, pee in the ocean, etc.

Sorry, once I get started it hard to stop.--grinning!
Thanks for coming over to 4th Dimension. Of course, I'll follow you! Not the most reliable, but you seem like a really nice Peep.

Sweetheart Diary said...

That's not a bad idea at all. I like the way you think. The Outside services sound fabulous.

Thanks for your lovely visit, and making me smile this early in the morning.