In the picture: Scarf from Splash, Bangles, Henna and Bracelet

Today is the 26th of Ramadan and Alhumdulillah all our fasts are going smoothly well. Even though it was the tough summer season with longer days and shorter nights, Jeddah seems to be burning, but all we need to have is the best intention and faith and Allah eases all the difficulties.
As the days are passing Eid-ul-Fitr is getting closer, I am both excited and worried, excited because we will enjoy yummy 'desi'(traditional) foods and meet people, get 'Eidi'(Eid gifts or money received from elders) and apply Henna on Chaand Raat(night before Eid day when the Shawwal moon is sighted), but worried because of the lack of time and cleaning work is also not completed yet, yesterday we cleaned the fans and walls, mopped floor, washed the window glasses, curtains, cleaned all the glasses and mirrors. Today we dusted the furniture, cleaned the doors, rearranged the shelves and now my legs are hurting, there is still a lot to be done. I am sitting on an armchair with my legs on a footstool and typing this post and sipping tea. Another 2 hours left till Suhoor.
The truth is that I haven't shopped for Eid dresses. I usually do not shop for them because I wear Shalwar Kameez(Pakistani dress worn with 'dupatta') on every Eid and they get stitched by our old and professional tailor. This time I didn't gave her anything to stitch and I thought I will wear something from my last Eid's dresses, there is a dress which isn't worn by me till now and I will go for it, and these accessories in the picture totally match with that dress, luck!

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Islam Muslimah said...

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa baraktu sissy!
Masha'Allah i can't wait to see your henna design!! Will you take a pic and share with us? I'm not sure if you will because some sisters consider their hands as awrah ...but if u do share I can't wait insha'Allah!!!

Early Eid Mubarak in case I forget to post here :p But i'm sure you will have some goodies up on here for Eid Insha'Allah!!


Sweetheart Diary said...

Walaikum Assalam Wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

InshaAllah I will take a picture of henna but I will not share it here. Ofcourse our hands are considered as Awrah by me as well, I will email the picture to you if your are interested in seeing the design :D

Advance Eid greetings to you too <3

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

I just bought one dress.
You know, I was gonna write something like that LOL

Sweetheart Diary said...

You can still write it up and I will be glad to read.

Bohonotes said...

wowww great blog I love the freebies so nice of you to share them

new follower here :)

have a nice day


Sweetheart Diary said...

Thanks a lot Bohonotes for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

MashalAllah .. Now i wanna do Henna too keke xD