♡ I feel we can live with just one thing, that is something called 'Hope'.

♡ I don't have straight hair, I am not so fashionable, I live simple and enjoy it.

♡ I don't eat at restaurants, I love my mom's cooking.

♡ I sometimes live with my head in the clouds. I think anything is possible. I believe one day I’ll win lottery, just by luck!

♡ I find it hard to say no.

♡ I say too much. I need a filter.

♡ I remember weird things. Details about people, or people’s faces after brief meetings. Like people I met at a party and when I see them elsewhere they just forget who I am. It happened again just last week. Awkward.

♡ I am not quick in getting jokes, by the time I start laughing they tell me that I am late.

♡ I’m a fast cook. In the time it can take people to do one dish, I can make 5. Speedy chef at your service.

♡ I never make my bed {unless someone is coming to visit}.

♡ I prefer soft white bread over grainy good-for-you stuff.

♡ I haven’t vacuumed for over a week {okay, and a half}.

♡ I get distracted easily. Very easily.

♡ Sometimes I pretend I’m listening. But I’m not.

♡ I never ever get my eyebrows done.

♡ I do not grow my nails.

♡ I often lose my patience. Sometimes I cry.

♡ I have an irrational fear of cats.

♡ I have a bad addiction to chocolates.

I am imperfect. And that’s okay. I like myself all the same.
I am what I am, and that appears to be working for me so far.
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Sahar Shah said...

Aaw Amna, you are wonderful! None of us is perfect. You are a lovely person. The photo is very nice too.

Islam Muslimah said...

masha'Allah! how cute of a photo!!
OHHHHH and nice new layout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! masha'Allah.. i just want to start thousands of blogs so you can design them LOLL!!!

Noor said...

Thank you Islam Muslimah I am glad you like my design <3

Sweetheart Diary said...

Thank girls, And @ Islam Muslimah I am grateful to NOOR for doing this pretty work for me. Love ya Noor!

Islam Muslimah said...

ohhhh Masha'Allah!!! @ Noor !! BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS!!! i know you have really great blog designs masha'Allah you are so talented!!!!!!! BOTH OF YOU ARE!!!