We went to Makkah last night. Alhumdulillah we had Umrah. I am feeling cough and cold since after we returned. Maybe it is the weather outside or a viral. I am taking medicines and  rest. I hope to feel better by tonight so I will not miss the school tomorrow.
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Noor said...

May Allah accept your umrah and inshAllah you get well soon. Talal has been sick as well he missed 3 days of school last week and I thought by now with that and the weekend he would be better but hes still a bit sick.

Sweetheart Diary said...

Aww poor kid, I hope he gets well soon, I have taken a day off from school because I am still not feeling better. :(

Asmaa said...

Salam Alaikum Amna,

May Allah grant you shiffa and accept your umrah.

@ Noor - May Allah grant Talal shiffa, my kids have been ill too this week must be the change in seasons.