It seems like it has been ages since I last surfed the internet. Things kept me so busy and I now I am 'free'!

Our school has announced Hajj Holidays for two weeks from now. So is any of you performing pilgrimage this time? May Allah accept this Hajj of yours and bless those who aren't going for Hajj but will be fasting, InshaAllah.

I will enjoy hearing baa baa everywhere! Happy Holidays!
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Noor said...

Hope your well sis and enjoy your holiday inshAllah I LOVE we get 2 weeks off :) BTW I update my blog name and link:

iremi nisces said...

Asalamu alaikum,

Thank you for sharing a wonderful post. I have a special message for you posted today, hope you like.

Take Care.

valiant vance said...

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Amna said...

Thanks for the sweet comments :)

Keith Francesca said...

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